Text version – Future-focused learning

Journey summary

Collaborative practice where staff meet regularly to analyse data to make informed teaching decisions and integrate ICT across the curriculum, in flexible learning spaces, to achieve student growth.

Journey focus area

  • Flexible learning spaces
  • Collaborative practice
  • Integration of information computer technology (ITC)

Timeline and milestones

2017 milestones
  • Stage 3 working in open flexible spaces with staff regularly analysing data to make informed teaching decisions.
  • Students having individual literacy and numeracy goals.
  • ICT groups and coding continuing to be introduced across the school.
2018 milestones
  • Teacher practice support by an instructional leader .
  • ICT integrated across the curriculum with teachers supported by ICT leader .
  • Open flexible hub style learning spaces introduced across K-6 .
  • Individual literacy and numeracy goals shared with families and work samples sent home.

Positive impact

  • Increase in all student's and teacher's ICT skills.
  • Project-based learning builds on student's collaborative STEM skills .
  • Greater collaboration and teacher collective efficacy in analysing data and making informed teaching decisions.
  • A school culture of learning and taking on a growth mindset .
  • The removal of silos where all staff take collective responsibility for student growth .
  • Teachers have a deeper understanding of the curriculum, and are using evidence based teaching practices in every hub learning area.


  • Stepping out of our comfort zones
  • Excitement
  • Anticipation
  • Success

Main challenges and solutions

  • Moving from "This is my class", to "These are our students" and "How can we get the best growth?"
  • Collaborative teaching and planning with instructional leader support.
  • Lack of teacher skills in integrating technology.
  • ICT coordinator collaborative planning and supporting staff with their classes.
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