Text alternative – Science WebQuest Bega Valley Public School

Journey highlights how online collaboration tools support WebQuests in science and technology in Kindergarten.

Initial concept

The initial concept for the WebQuest came from a Masters of ICT in Education studies at Charles
Sturt University. The intention of the Quest was to teach young students about the weather in a
fun, interactive and engaging manner.

Step 1 – Sourcing

Involved sourcing a unit for ES1 and planning how this could be adapted to become a digital device for young learners.

Step 2 – Extracting

Extracting from the hard copy unit the activities that would be suitable for a WebQuest and for students to achieve autonomously (as teacher took the role of facilitator throughout the process).

Step 3 – Designing

Designing the process and sequence of steps the students were to follow and the order of activities.

Step 4 – Activities

Sourcing online activities that would engage and support students' developing knowledge. These activities had to provide the correct amount of 'fun factor' and engagement without being too difficult for the age of students.

Step 5 – Hard copy

Making a hard copy of the site prior to beginning developing so that navigation of the site was clear and practical for ES1.

Step 6 – Website

Setting up and designing the site, making it visually appealing to young learners, easy to navigate and incorporating more videos of explanations by teachers and of concept rather than textual explanations that couldn't be read without teacher help.

Quality assurance of the website was undertaken. Once the website was live, teachers were introduced to the site and guided through activities. Once the unit was ready to begin, students were placed in small groups of 3 and shown how it was to be used.

Bega Valley Public School has made slight modifications to the WebQuest and will continue to develop websites such as this and use other technological devices that will engage learners where appropriate.

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