Text alternative – Real world learning

Journey summary

The intended outcome of the school playground investigation was to encourage students to be genuinely curious and engaged with science and technology. Students engaged with a contextual problem that was relevant and meaningful to their lives.

Journey focus area

  • Science and technology
  • Project-based learning
  • School playground investigation

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestones
  • Planning and preparation – staff engaged in extensive professional learning to prepare for the teaching of the new NSW science and technology syllabus.
  • Change process – teachers opted to teach the syllabus through a project-based learning approach.
2016 milestones
  • STEM lab developed supporting engineering, robotics and other science and technology projects.
  • School playground investigation – strategic school planning – greater focus on science and technology.
  • Project-based learning – students engaged in research and design tasks and communicated with industry experts.
  • Challenges – as the journey progressed teachers became more confident in facilitating project-based learning.
  • Role of leadership team – transition support to project-based learning.


  • Impact – Student assessment information and data from the 'Tell Them From Me' survey demonstrated successful and deep student learning.
  • Student questions – What changes need to be made to make our playground safer?
  • Emotions – nervous , excited , surprised.
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