Text alternative – Project NEST

At Kurri Kurri High School we have reformed our curriculum structure. We are using a learning hub model and project-based learning in Year 7. At present, students are undertaking three core interdisciplinary courses in groups of 60 students working in flexible learning environments with three teachers assigned to each group.

Journey focus area

  • student engagement
  • curriculum reform
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • future focused learning and teaching
  • flexible learning environments

Timeline and milestones

2016 milestone Professional learning: 3 day unconference for teachers who would be teaching year 7 in 2017, planning, expert support within and beyond school accessed, redesign of learning, design of flexible learning environments, redevelopment of class structures
2017 milestone Reformed curriculum structure, learning hubs developed, project based approach to learning adopted, instructional leadership: innovative technology use and effective literacy instruction, refining teaching practice, student reflection and demonstration of learning
2018 milestone Implementing hub learning across Year 8 as well as Year 7.

Positive impact and emotions

  • student centred learning
  • growth of learning outcomes
  • engaged learners
  • responsible and reflective learners
  • anticipation
  • excitement
  • challenge
  • motivation
  • celebration
  • curiosity.

Main challenge and solutions

The transitions and different group structures proved challenging.

Our solutions were:

  • evaluate the situation
  • refined practice
  • establish clear expectations.
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