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This journey showcases the One Schools Network of schools who utilise collaboration technologies to powerfully connect learners and their teachers.

key focus points

This project has a focus on developing high quality, integrated multi-stage units of work across the key learning areas (KLAs) of science, history and geography with elements of other KLAs.

This has all been possible through innovative online collaborations which has resulted in connected learners across rural and remote NSW.

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestones
  • Cross school video conferences where students shared weekly news items
  • Staff collaborated towards a unit of work on dinosaurs via shared work samples, school visits and excursions.
2016 milestones
  • Continuation on collaborative unit of work, weekly video conferences, school visits and combined excursions continued
  • More schools were invited to join the One Schools network
  • An integrated scope & sequence for History/Science/Geography was developed
  • 4 schools now made up the One Schools network! Units of work were analysed by curriculum experts.
2017 milestones
  • Curriculum advisers utilised to critique unit
  • K-6 assessment rubric developed
  • The collaboration continued between the 4 schools. Video conference staff meetings were introduced.
  • One Schools grew to 10 schools as a network, being made up of 4 clusters working as partner schools across NSW.
  • PDHPE scope and sequence developed
  • One Schools key concept diagram introduced
  • One Schools newsletter established
  • Schools collaborated to write a shared school plan
  • Awarded NSW Secretary's Award for an Outstanding School Initiative
  • Literacy units developed.
2018 milestones
  • Network expanded to 12 schools
  • Google classroom introduced
  • Across-school teaching

Positive impacts

  • Friendship
  • Online collaborations
  • Professional support
  • Connected learning
  • Social networking between students and staff
  • Problem Solving.
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