Text alternative – Entrepreneurial Learning

Journey summary

A student-driven project targeting Yong Zhao's Three Principles:

  • Developing more personalised education experiences.
  • Engaging in creative and entrepreneurial product-oriented learning experiences.
  • Cultivating and prototyping new approaches, processes and products.

Journey focus area

  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • Student driven project
  • Creating entrepreneurial students

Timeline and milestones

2016 milestone
  • Identification of student group.
  • Outline of Library project incorporating Yong Zhao’s Three Principles.
  • Project workshops with Yong Zhao and the Mitchell Institute.
  • Weekly updates of learning space redesign.
  • School community consultation and presentation of redesign.
2017 milestone
  • Library refurbishment – flexible furniture and shared learning spaces.
  • Naming of the space - WOO Room (named after the Mitchell Institute's WOO Project).
  • Finalisation of video, report and poster for the Mitchell Institute Showcase.
  • Student driven presentations and interviews.
  • Handover of the Library project to Year 9 student group.

Positive impact

  • Students develop their growth mindset – building resilience.
  • Identifying student strengths and interests.
  • Internal student growth, improved teamwork, ownership and leadership qualities.
  • Trial prototype learning space and encourage more redesign.

Emotions experienced

  • Satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Frustration
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Fear of failure
  • Excitement

Main challenge and solutions

Main challenge: Student's fear of failure

Solutions: Continual coaching throughout the project, student driven research to encourage and confirm belief in design and exposure to design consultants.

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