Text alternative – Collective efficacy

Journey summary

  • Teaching team engaged in an evidence informed collaborative inquiry.
  • Our school became collectively involved in exploring the potential to transform our learning environments for both teachers and students.
  • We developed a hunch, we took action and we now constantly check and scan for success.

Journey focus area

  • Growth in student achievement in both literacy and numeracy
  • Flexible differentiated learning environments
  • Teacher collaboration
  • Student collaboration.


2015 milestones

Inconsistent student achievements across 3 classes – teaching in silos.

2016 milestones
  • Teacher practice supported by an instructional leader – Kindergarten classes.
  • Learning spaces redesigned – classrooms opened up, flexible furniture and spaces leading to collaborative teacher practice and shared learning, personalised learning and student group work.
2017 milestones
  • Ongoing evaluative thinking
  • Flexible learning spaces and collaborative practice introduced across other year levels.

Positive impacts

  • Improved results with a greater percentage of students reaching their benchmark in both literacy and numeracy.
  • Collaboration of teachers in planning for teaching.
  • Collegial sharing of resources and teaching strategies.
  • Better staff relationships and respect for colleagues.
  • Removal of silos as students' results are a collective responsibility.
  • Team approach and shared goals to improve student outcomes.
  • Teachers who have developed their understanding of curriculum, communication skills and knowledge of pedagogical research through rigorous professional learning.
  • Self-directed and resilient students who are not easily distracted.
  • Flexible use of staffing as needs arise to work within tiers of intervention and further support for student learning.


  • Isolation working in silos
  • Challenged through change
  • Stepping out of comfort zone
  • Teachers supporting one another
  • Getting easier
  • Cohesive collaborative practice
  • Student growth
  • Excitement
  • Celebration
  • Onwards and upwards.
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