Text alternative – Future pedagogy infographic

Epping North Public School is consciously designed so that elements of 'deep learners' are:

  • cognitively engage
  • critical and creative thinking
  • inquiry based learning
  • global authentic learning
  • student voice/choice
  • goal setting
  • self-reflection/assessment
  • effective feedback.

Elements of 'learning leaders' include:

  • design learning experiences
  • constructive professional learning
  • goal setting
  • LMS (iTunesU)
  • team teaching
  • collaborative practice
  • self-reflection
  • effective feedback.

and elements of 'learning communities' involves:

  • putting faces to data
  • goal setting (Mgoals)
  • proven pedagogy in improving literacy, numeracy whilst focused innovation in relation to CCT/ICT.

These elements feed each other to facilitate a 'Constructivist learning' environment – redefines the teacher/learner relationship using CCT, ICT and goal setting in a learner-centred constructivist environment for students and teachers. The term 'constructivist learning' encapsulates the 21st century learning that is occurring at Epping North Public School.

Epping North Public School want 'engaged learning' – active and engaged learning by deep learners and learning leaders.

We use 'pervasive technology' – infuse digital learning experiences that utilise technology including SAMR/TPACK.

We want a 'long term alignment' – between Curriculum, content pedagogy, CCT, ICT, learning environments, assessments, feedback, reflection.

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