Text alternative – Innovative differentiation in mathematics

Killarney Heights Public School – collective efficacy

2013 was defining values and beliefs and building vision through consultation and planning with the new maths curriculum approaching.

2014 the focus was on instructional leadership, the new Australian curriculum, strategic plan 2015-2017. Engaged the Anita Chin with a focus on problem solving. A Maths activity day was held which was about building excitement for students.

2015 saw a change in teacher mindset through instructional leadership, the purchase of ’hands on’ concrete materials for all substrands in mathematics and the purchase of iPads for K-2 and laptops for 3-6. Access to mathletics, IDEAL resources and online sites.

2016 equals change, research, what works best and John Hattie. Visible learning intentions success criteria, personalised learning, teacher experts mentor teachers in other schools and the creation of maths games for classrooms 1-6.

2017 was about sustaining and sharing practice, differentiation induction for new teachers and higher than expected student growth.

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