Virtual reality tours

Under the Innovative Education, Successful Students initiative, the NSW Department of Education is committed to designing new and upgraded schools as future-focused learning environments.

Virtual Reality (VR) tours of some school upgrade projects can now be accessed across all devices including 360 headsets for a truly immersive experience. Take a virtual tour of some of these new school facilities to see the design and educational settings to support learning and teaching. Schools and communities can explore the VR tours as an additional resource when considering the following:

  • Learning Space – Which design elements would best suit your school context? See the learning space toolkit for more information on redesigning learning space.
  • Learning Modes – Read about learning modes to identify how students and teachers might utilise elements of a future-focused learning environment.
  • Learning and teaching practice – See the range of future-focused courses available for teachers.
  • How each of the different spaces might be used for learning and teaching and how they support collaborative practice. Review the research guiding learning space design and how it can support learning and teaching.

For information on the planning and delivery of school infrastructure, please visit the School Infrastructure NSW website.

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