New build and upgrade schools

How we support schools to transition into new build and upgrade schools.

School Learning Environments and Change supports schools undergoing significant changes to infrastructure and teaching practices. This model streamlines school improvement processes through strategic planning and coordination of department services, to ensure teachers and leaders feel confident and capable to transition into new learning environments.

Services coordinated in this model of support include the development of an education rationale, transition strategy, the provision of professional learning courses, tours of new build or upgrade schools, post-occupancy evaluations and evidence-informed resources for staff, parents and the broader community.

Education rationales

This is a consultative process where we engage with a broad range of school-based stakeholders to ensure the design of learning spaces is driven by educational vision. The education rationale articulates a case for change and contributes to the strategic business case for new build and upgrade schools.


Our team works with schools undergoing major capital works to design and develop a transition strategy that will build the confidence and capacity of teachers and leaders to effectively transition into new learning environments. We liaise with a range of services across the Department to align support for schools to ensure the seamless and responsive implementation of transition action plans.

Professional learning courses

Contemporary Learning and Teaching advisors design, develop and deliver courses and resources for teachers and leaders to support their transition into new learning environments. The courses and resources build the confidence and capability of teachers and leaders to effectively change practices and utilise learning spaces to enhance student learning outcomes.

SLEC professional learning courses

Post-occupancy evaluations

We lead the design and implementation of evaluation that asses how well the new build or upgraded school has met the educational needs of that school community. These evaluations are typically conducted 12 months after handover and follow a user-centred process which involves school executive, staff and students in a series of interviews, surveys, classroom observations and workshops. The evaluations contribute to broader SINSW organisational improvements in school design by providing an evidence base for the EFSG and serving as case study material.

SLEC tours

Tours of new build and upgrade schools affords leaders and educators undergoing significant changes to infrastructure the opportunity to visit schools in operation and engage in professional dialogue with Principals and teachers who have experienced similar change. These tours occur twice per term and are coordinated by SLEC for Principals and Executive teachers who have major capitals works occurring at their school.

For information on upcoming tours, select SLEC school tours (link will open an external website in a new tab).

Further information

  • For information on projects in progress, recently announced and what has been completed, please visit the School Infrastructure NSW website.
  • For enquiries regarding transition and change into new build and upgrade schools, please email
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