Transforming collaborative practice at Hurstville Public School

Location: Forest Rd, Hurstville

Level: K-6

Enrolment: 1234

Download "The library - Transforming collaborative practice at Hurstville Public School".

Hurstville Public School has transformed learning and teaching to prioritise and foster collaborative teaching practices across their school. Engaging in purposeful collaboration has had a significant positive impact on both teaching practice and student learning across the school.

The library is now a hub of collaborative practice A more flexible library timetable, collaborative programming between teaching teams and teacher librarians, co-planned and co-taught library lessons and collaborative co-reflections, have all been essential to the overall transformation.

Download the document at the top of the page to read the full story of the library as a hub for transforming collaborative practice at Hurstville PS. 

“Students are engaged in project-based learning whereby they are able to collaborate and communicate in creative and flexible ways to actively construct new knowledge.” 

Chaan, Teacher librarian

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