Transdisciplinary learning skills at The Jannali High School

Location: Sutherland Road, Jannali

Level: years 7 - 12

Enrolment: 980

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“In a career spanning 25 years, the introduction of the iPad 1:1 device policy along with the 21 st Century Learning program I see as the greatest transformation in innovative teacher practice and the leveraging of technology to increase student ability to access and engage in their learning.”

Liz Graham, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, The Jannali High School

The Jannali High School (TJHS) sought to strengthen students’ transferrable skills to enhance their learning in school as well as building life-long learning skills to support success in future careers. The introduction of a 1:1 device program both created further need and enabled the introduction of the ‘21st Century Learning Skills’ program for stage 4.

TJHS developed programs for fortnightly sessions in each of three transdisciplinary areas – social skills, information literacy and pedagogical skills. The program has evolved in response to changing student needs and technologies.

The program has been successful in supporting year 7 transition by enhancing students’ ability to learn how to learn and talk about their learning using a common language. The program has also seen student growth in all transdisciplinary areas the program targets for skills development – collaboration, communication, social skills, information literacy and ICT literacy.

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