The impact of a STEM culture

Casula High School shares how STEM promotes student-centred learning and collaboration.

STEM Culture at Casula High School

Location: Myall Rd, Casula

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 804 students

The Journey

Casula High is a co-educational, comprehensive high school located in South Western Sydney with approximately 800 students.

They provide an equal opportunity for all students in their pursuit of excellence. Their staff are committed to modern educational practices, and dedicated to maintaining a supportive learning environment.

Casula High School is focused on providing its students with the skills they needed to be competitive in a global market. As students graduate from Casula High School, they are empowered, knowledgeable, reflective and self-directed life-long learners.

The aim of their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program is to arm students with the skills they need to enter a workforce where 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills. STEM education at Casula High School is not just about the deep understanding of STEM, but also about related skills such as problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Principal, Mrs Jennifer French, empowered all staff to be change leaders and embrace their own growth mindset. This foundation of innovation in school culture enabled all staff to embrace STEM education.

All staff have been provided with multiple opportunities for professional development including coding. This started with a simple 'Can we code?' workshop where staff were introduced to coding. This has expanded to differentiated coding workshops for all learning areas.

Teachers and their faculties are supported with physical and human resources. The Casula Code Factory houses state of the art equipment and provides the supportive environment needed for all students and staff to embrace STEM education. This is further supported by a Head Teacher of STEM who works with faculties to embed STEM practice into their teaching practice.

Contact details

Classroom Teacher - Emily Signorini


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Guiding research

Journey supported by the National STEM School Education Strategy

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