The Creation Station – Our Journey To Educational Innovation

The Creation Station - Our Journey To Educational Innovation (5 mins 50 sec) journey highlights creative thinking at Lansvale Public School is enriched through creative and meaningful cross-curriculum lessons in The Creation Station room.

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Location: Chancery St, Canley Vale

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 679 students

The journey

Lansvale Public School achieves high levels of success in delivering future-focused, student-centred learning. Students are provided with engaging educational opportunities that incorporate meaningful use of educational innovation and technology. Effective use and evaluation of the teaching and learning cycle is resulting in student engagement, growth and success. Lansvale Public School is situated in a low socioeconomic community in South-West Sydney. Lansvale Public School has an exceptionally dedicated and committed community who are instrumental in the success achieved through innovation and change.

The Creation Station is an initiative that supports authentic, student-centred, future-focused learning. The primary aim is to ensure that students are able to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative in their learning. Students are encouraged to explore big questions. Mistakes are used as an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the role of problem solving and innovation in learning. The Creation Station provides a space for meaningful, high challenge, high support learning opportunities based around the ethos of hard fun.

Instructional leadership and shoulder to shoulder professional learning has been effective in supporting teacher practice. All staff members have been provided with targeted professional learning on a weekly basis for two terms. This has enabled all staff to develop confidence in utilising the innovative learning space effectively. Students eagerly use this space weekly to support their learning across all key learning areas. Lansvale Public School has recently launched a film writing and producing club. We cannot wait to see the masterpieces that the students compose, produce and film.

Contact details

Melissa Laughlin

Glenn Hidson


To access a visual representation of this journey, download The Creation Station - Our Journey To Educational Innovation infographic (PDF 46.39KB).

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Guiding research

National STEM School Education Strategy

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