The 'NK Way' - building a shared vision at North Kellyville PS

Location: Hezlett Rd, North Kellyville

Level: K-6

Students: 517

Download 'The 'NK Way' at North Kellyville Public School'

Situated in the Hills District, North Kellyville Public School saw an opportunity to develop a culture of inclusivity and belonging when they opened their new site in 2019.

With staff and students joining from over 15 local schools, the North Kellyville leadership team set out to build a school that brought the whole community together. School leaders engaged in deep discussions with teachers, students, parents, and caregivers to authentically co-create a shared vision - The 'NK Way'.

North Kellyville PS teachers developed a guiding document that focuses on quality teaching to enable deep learning and foster connections between learners, educators, and the community. The 'NK Way' communicates the school values and sets expectations for contemporary learning and teaching.

“The NK Way is an aspirational vision for the school that unites students, staff and parents.”
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