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Tech Girls – Creating the Future

The 'Tech Girls - Creating the Future' (5 mins 40 sec) journey at West Wallsend High School use mentors to increase the interest and uptake of STEM related subjects by female students.

West Wallsend High School Tech girls creating the future

Transcript of 'Tech Girls - Creating the Future' video

Location: 2 Appletree Rd, West Wallsend

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 567 students

The journey

West Wallsend High School is a co-educational, comprehensive school, which fosters an enriched learning environment that delivers innovative teaching and learning experiences enabling students to reach their potential in a global society.

The aim of the initiative was to increase the interest and uptake of STEM and STEM related subjects by girls. The school was already part of the Regional Development Australia Hunter ME program and STEM was offered as an elective.

In 2016, Year 6 girls from one of our feeder primary schools and girls from Years 7-9 were invited to take part in a 3D printing competition. Female staff from TAS, Computing and Science led the workshops.

In 2017, we participated in the “Tech Girls are Superheroes 'Build an App competition'”. We also had a group of girls participating in the Cuberider Space program. The school has had an increase in uptake of STEM related subjects by girls at both HSC and in junior school electives. In 2016-17, the percentage of girls taking preliminary STEM related courses is higher than the State level.

At West Wallsend High School, we have provided our female students with the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills in STEM related subjects in real world scenarios. Anecdotal evidence and statistics indicates that the initiative has been successful, and we will continue to promote 'Girls in STEM' in 2018.

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