STEM at Ellerston

Ellerston Public School shares how they established of a makerspace environment and access to technology across the whole school through STEM.

STEM at Ellerston Public School

Location: School Road, Ellerston

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 21 students

The journey

With a focus on writing, the development of literacy and numeracy skills continues to be at the forefront of the education provided to students at Ellerston Public School. Students have been provided with opportunities to be creative and critical thinkers through STEAM activities. These opportunities encourage students to be problem solvers, who are able to learn individually and collaboratively.

Ellerston Public School's STEM initiative aims to engage and develop agile, future-facing learners who are able to work and learn collaboratively, problem-solve, and learn how to learn.

Beginning in 2016 theyfocused on engineering and making in the natural environment with small groups. Over time, this has evolved into integrated STEM activities within the learning areas of history, geography, science and mathematics.

Students regularly assume roles such as organiser, designer, recorder, gatherer, etc, within their small groups to scaffold their collaboration. They are encouraged to draw on the higher order thinking skills of creating, analysing and evaluating to design, prototype, create and market their projects.

Teachers have been supported through school visits with surrounding schools, professional development, encouragement, and enthusiasm from their Principal.

The students are interested in learning science, using technology effectively, building and engineering. Participation rates in STEM related maths activities have increased and are continuing to increase. Every student at the school is engaged in their learning, and every student enjoys being challenged with tasks that are in the field of STEM.

Contact details

Sam Small, Principal -

Jennifer Campbell, Classroom teacher -


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the STEM at Ellerston Public School infographic (PDF 51.98KB).

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Guiding research and evidence

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