Formative assessment when co-teaching at Randwick Public School

Location: Avoca St, Randwick.

Level: Primary: K-6.

Enrolment: 958 students.

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The learning culture at RPS is one of continuous improvement – some key areas have been innovating practice in flexible learning spaces, developing strategies to effectively leverage learning spaces and building collaborative practice and co-teaching. This learning journey has been a partnership between RPS school and teacher leaders, and SLEC.

The supportive and adaptive teaching environment at RPS has been significantly enriched with the introduction of formalised co-teaching relationships and processes. One focus is on offering students differentiated, quality learning activities with ongoing feedback. At RPS they have found co-teaching enables more frequent, targeted and actionable formative assessment and feedback to be conducted.

At Randwick Public School, teachers have embedded use of the co-teaching cycle, and developed a deep knowledge of how to effectively apply approaches in the co-teaching model. Along with technology tools, teachers gather and act on formative assessment data, enhancing their practice and effectively impacting student growth.

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“While outstanding teachers produce excellent learning for their students regardless of their methods, the value of teachers not only teaching the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration critical thinking and creativity, but modelling it in their work, not only embeds these practices for students but supports all teachers to be outstanding.”

Susan Allen, Principal, Randwick Public School

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