Project NEST

Kurri Kurri High School shows how the school has reformed the curriculum to incorporate a learning HUB model through project-based learning.

Project NEST at Kurri Kurri High School

Location: Stanford & Deakin Sts, Kurri Kurri

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 830 students

The journey

Kurri Kurri High School is a comprehensive high school with an enrolment of 885 students. Students attend the school from the local town of Kurri Kurri and from a number of local rural communities. Parental and community involvement are key features of the education processes of our school. We are committed to ensuring student growth and we are achieving this through the successful implementation of ‘focus on reading’ and ‘focus on writing’ strategies.

In 2017 we reformed our Year 7 curriculum structure and developed an innovative project-based learning framework for students called Project NEST. The aim of Project NEST is to promote student engagement and to better prepare students for life through an emphasis on learning future focused skills. Students undertake three core courses in learning hubs. In the Quest Hub students engage in learning across the integrated areas of English, HSIE and art. In the STEM hub students engage in learning across the integrated areas of science and technology and maths. In the Lifestyle Hub students engage in learning across the integrated areas of sport and PDHPE. Approximately 60 students work in each hub at a given time supported by 3 teachers. These hubs are flexible learning environments and the use of technology is used as a tool to enhance student learning.

At the conclusion of each project, students share their learning with parents/carers and community members through a student-led conference called 7-360. The Crew Advisors (teachers) support students as they communicate their goals and their learning to their parents/carers using their learning portfolios. This conference is enriched by an exhibition of student work.

Teacher practice has been supported through a three day Project NEST conference. Staff also participate in an hour of additional professional learning with a focus on collaboration and innovation each week. The Project NEST initiative will be extended further in 2018 following positive evaluation.

Contact details

Lisa Scobie, Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning

Tracey Breese, Principal


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the Kurri Kurri High School Project NEST infographic (PDF 56.53KB).

View the text alternative for the Kurri Kurri High School Project NEST infographic.

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