Our Learning Journey

Ballina Coast High School shares how they prepared students and staff for their new learning spaces by creating a learning culture that nurtures, inspires and challenges.

Our Learning Journey - Ballina Coast High School

Location: Cherry St, Ballina

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 797 students

The journey

Ballina Coast High School is a purposefully built school that opened its doors in January 2019. It is a school that acknowledges the strength of the community and hence the vision statement of “Growing Together, Creating Futures”.

In 2015 the amalgamation of two schools saw Ballina Coast High School born. The decision was made to take the best from research, schools both globally and nationally and use the opportunity to redesign the way they deliver learning to students.

The school community came together to create a movement that is about collaboration.

"Through working collaboratively to create a new, flexible and dynamic educational environment in Ballina, we will create a culture that nurtures, inspires, and challenges students and staff to find the joy in learning with the skills to make informed contributions as citizens and leaders.”

The school has a set of guiding principles where innovation is the cornerstone of practice through:

  • collaborative and authentic learning communities
  • open, flexible, personalised and integrated learning through teams based approach
  • knowing, understanding and supporting students to develop capabilities to achieve their personal best
  • building a sustainable future.

Contact details

Janeen Silcock janeen.silcock@det.nsw.edu.au


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the Our Learning Journey at Ballina Coast High School infographic (PDF 27.62KB).

View the text alternative for Our Learning Journey at Ballina Coast High School infographic.

Guiding research or evidence

All the school's decisions are based on OECD Research into learning environments and the principles of learning.

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