One Schools Network

This school journey showcases four schools in rural NSW who utilise online collaboration technologies to powerfully connect learners and their teachers; Capertee, Euchareena, Glen Alice and Hampton Public School.

One Schools Network

Transcript of 'One Schools Network' video

The journey

The One School project is a developing collaboration that supports students and staff in small multi-stage schools. The project aims to deliver high quality learning and teaching and social opportunities for students. The project currently has a focus on developing high quality, integrated multi-stage units of work across the key learning areas (KLAs) of science, history and geography with elements of other KLAs.

Schools that are a part of the One School network have an opportunity to belong to a larger collaboration of multi-stage schools where teaching programs and resources are shared. The project is unique in that schools are also able to form 'pairings' or small groups, where students and teachers can connect through regular use of video conferencing technologies, school visits and joint excursions.

The collaboration across the schools is achieving collective efficacy and is demonstrating success in reducing the effects of isolation that students and staff in rural and remote schools may experience. The expertise of staff in each school is utilised and shared as teachers support each other to enhance the learning of their students.

Contact details

Principal Glen Alice Public School - Natalie Merz

Principal Hampton Public School - Belinda Greer

Principal Capertee Public School - Duncan Peard


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the Capertee, Euchareena, Glen Alice and Hampton Public School One Schools Network infographic (PDF 47.19KB).

View the text alternative for the Capertee, Euchareena, Glen Alice and Hampton Public School One Schools Network infographic.

Resources on Yammer

For access to extra resources relating to this journey and others, join the Futures Learning journeys Yammer group.

Guiding research and readings

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