Passion project Liverpool Boys

Liverpool Boys High School share their journey to implement a passion project. By knowing students and their interests they have improved engagement and deep learning for every student.

A project driven by student interest

Location: Forbes St, Liverpool

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 548 students (the school is made up of 60 different nationalities)

The journey

Liverpool Boys High School is a comprehensive boy's school in the South-West of Sydney. It has 563 students, 88% from a non–English speaking background representing nearly 60 cultural groups. The school values are Respect, Responsibility and Learning. The school has a strong commitment from staff to a culture of innovation including our Focus on Reading program, vertical senior school, and project-based learning.

Liverpool Boys High School is on a journey to implement a project-based curriculum across stages 4 and 5. Teachers trialled passion based learning with Year 7 called the Passion Project.

They believe in the power of knowing every student and their interests, driving student engagement and deep learning for every student. With five weeks to discover their passion, Year 7 displayed their passion choice at an exhibition. Classroom teachers acted as mentors and parents were involved to encourage their child to discuss their passions and what that might look like.

The impact of the passion project was profound as the high quality of the work and knowledge displayed at the exhibition demonstrated our students have the skillset to be creative, communicate and think deeply about the world.

This has set the foundation for future passion based learning and mentoring across the school. In the future, the passion projects will be enhanced with more student cohorts and parental involvement will continue.

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