Kirrawee High School - Portrait of a Graduate

Location: Hunter Street, Kirrawee.

Level: Secondary 7-12.

Enrolment: 1204 students.

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The Signature Strengths initiative at Kirrawee High School began with the realisation that the existing decades-old core values and mission statements did not reflect the rapidly changing world of today.

The school wanted a way to clearly articulate what KHS students could become, look like and sound like. School leaders believed it was important for the whole community to understand the values that students would possess as a result of six years of schooling at KHS.

KHS teachers engaged in SLEC professional learning on contemporary learning and teaching in NSW schools. Working with SLEC advisers, they initiated the Portrait of a Graduate process, considering the strengths and characteristics of the ideal KHS graduate.

A similar process as the Portrait of a Graduate was used with student leadership and P&C resulting in the whole-school development of the KHS Signature Strengths. These Signature Strengths now underpin all aspects of the school's programs and culture.

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"As the name suggests, the Signature Strengths of the Kirrawee High School Community are for our entire community. All major stakeholders had a role in their formulation, promoting wonderful philosophical and pedagogical discussions surrounding what sort of young people we wanted our graduates to grow up to become."

Mark Mitchell, relieving Deputy Principal

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