Future-facing learning

Kempsie East Public School shares their journey of how flexible hub-style learning space and increased use of technology have improved collaboration across the school.

Kempsie East Public School

Location: Innes St, Kempsey

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 225 students (25% of these students identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander)

The journey

Kempsey East Public School is located in Kempsey on the NSW Mid North Coast. There are 225 students enrolled in the school, 25% of these students identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. The school's vision is that collaborative, high impact teaching and supportive partnerships enable students to become active and motivated learners who can connect, succeed and thrive. All staff regularly collaborate to analyse data and make informed teaching decisions. Students work in flexible open learning spaces where there is a focus on student agency.

The aim of the initiative was to increase student and teacher skills and capabilities around the information technology curriculum. This was supported by an information technology teacher working closely with staff in the classroom, delivering professional development sessions and running extra student groups. We have seen an increase in all staff and students skills in this area and technology is now being successfully integrated across all key learning areas.

The aim was to increase the collaboration across the school with open and flexible hub style classrooms. This was supported by all staff having planning time supported by executive staff and an instructional leader to lead mentoring discussions. New furniture was bought and learning spaces changed for example, the library was moved to create an open style classroom for Stage 1. This has resulted in greater collective efficacy across the school and a shift for all staff to work together to ensure every student is achieving their desired growth.

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