Confidence to innovate at Lindfield Learning Village

Location: Eton Rd, Lindfield

Level: K-12

Enrolment: 354

Download "Confidence to innovate at Lindfield Learning Village"

Lindfield Learning Village (LLV) has a very unique educational vision and school culture. In their highly flexible school environment, students experience personal learning that fosters creativity and imagination, wellbeing and independence in stage-based groups co-taught by teams.

For Stages 4 and 5, LLV has intentionally integrated their curriculum using a combination of multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.

A key factor at LLV has been to ensure evidence-informed innovation occurs within supportive structures for staff. Processes and protocols are in place to ensure co-creation and enable sharing of cognitive load. This results in high levels of psychological safety and creativity as a strength of the way LLV staff work together.

Download the document at the top of the page to read the full story of building the confidence to innovative at Lindfield Learning Village.

“LLV as a school community has co-created values that ask our teams to hold their ideas lightly in order to co-create an innovative vision of what learning could look like. The gold is in the nexus of the in-between. Rather than adhering to any one particular model, we sought to create what would meet student need.”

Amy Murphy, HT Secondary Studies, LLV

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