Collective efficacy

Hillvue Public School demonstrates high student growth through strategic use of instructional leadership, collaborative practice and flexible learning spaces.

Collective Efficacy at Hillvue Public School

Location: Hillvue Rd, Tamworth

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 292 (78% of our students are from an Aboriginal background)

Hillvue Public School is located in Tamworth and is part of the Connected Communities Strategy.

The school has an enrolment of 315 and 78% of their students are from an Aboriginal background. The development and implementation of programs that cater to the needs of students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and low socio-economic backgrounds is a priority.

The school has a genuine focus on its learners and on the provision of a diverse and exciting curriculum supported by two instructional leaders and quality classroom teaching in differentiated learning environments. The design of learning environments and organisational structures across the school enables the sharing of teacher expertise and consistency in teacher-student and student-student relationships.

At Hillvue Public School, they demonstrate success in the development and implementation of research-informed learning and teaching to ensure that student learning is maximised. Their collaborative, sustained, and evidence-based approach to professional learning continues to support teacher practice and improve outcomes for our students.

A shared vision for high-impact learning and teaching and a cohesive organisational culture results in growth in literacy and numeracy achievement and a significant increase in student engagement.

Student success in learning is the only option at the school. The high expectations held by their team and their sense of collective efficacy is fundamental to their ultimate goal of achieving improved outcomes for their students and families.

Contact details

Executive Principal Chris Shaw

Instructional Leader Lynette Grimes


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Guiding readings and research

Tomlinson, C. 2017, How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, 3rd Edition

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