Co-teaching agreements at Anzac Park Public School

Co-teaching agreements at Anzac Park Public School

Location: Anzac Avenue, Cammeray

Level: K-6

Students: 747

The journey

Anzac Park Public School’s (APPS) educational vision seeks to enhance a whole school culture that promotes contemporary practices in a supportive and collaborative community environment. Teachers work in co-teaching partnership pairs. Co-teachers share ownership of two classes in one learning hub across all key learning areas.

School structures enable collaboration across pairs, year, stage and whole staff. Meeting, planning and professional learning times all enhance the ability of teachers to co-create learning and teaching programs, effectively use flexible learning spaces as a teaching tool and use co-teaching to value-add to student learning experiences.

“Every year, I’m excited to find out about my co-teacher. I know I’m going to have that support there. Whatever difficulties you face in the classroom or outside of the classroom, we know that they’re always going to be there and it's someone to lean on. It's someone to share experiences with.”

Sam Korsch, Assistant principal - stage 1, Anzac Park PS

A key structure is the use of co-teaching agreements as social contracts. It covers six considerations and features driving questions to guide co-teacher’s discussions. The agreement template is a scaffold to support a school-wide collaborative culture based on trust, collective ownership and mutual support.

The co-teaching agreement is formed between pairs of teachers. In it, co-teachers deepen their understanding of each other’s professional beliefs and practices, any professional goals for the year, and discuss roles and responsibilities. This process supports co-teachers to gain a sense of certainty about how their partnership will work and what their day-to-day will look like.

APPS runs three RFF programs – library, personal development and health, and physical education. This enables timetabling so all co-teachers have a minimum of 2 hours off class each week together for RFF. This time off together is seen as crucial to ensuring that co-planning, co-debriefing and co-reflecting occurs effectively to enhance co-teaching.

Contact details

Principal, Anzac Park Public School - Unity Taylor-Hill

Classroom Teacher, Anzac Park Public School - Aria Adams-Wilcox

Classroom Teacher, Anzac Park Public School - Alex Still

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