Transdisciplinary learning at Riverstone High School

Location: McCulloch St, Riverstone.

Level: Secondary 7-10.

Enrolment: 407 students.

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Leaders and teachers at Riverstone High School wanted to innovate their practice and were inspired by the ‘genius hour’ concept. They aimed to increase student engagement in their learning, reinvigorate teacher passion and deepen student-teacher relationships. Staff undertook professional learning in partnership with SLEC to explore contemporary learning and teaching. This led to the creation of the PRIDE projects – two-hour weekly project-based learning-style sessions grouped by interest, not age.

“It is wonderful to see students and staff working together, on authentic and community-minded projects. As a school we have seen the benefit of this initiative in improved staff-student relationships and improved attendance. The expansion of the [PRIDE] projects on offer to include student-driven initiatives has created another productive avenue for student voice and contribution.”

Karen Downie, Principal, Riverstone High School.

Pride Projects intentionally transcend subject-based knowledge classifications, making the learning transdisciplinary. The focus is on collectively developing General Capabilities, pride in self and giving back to the community.

There are high levels of student agency in these holistic learning experiences. Teachers and students work together to identify needs within the community. The Projects then offer learning experiences to develop skills to generate innovate solutions and build positive relationships.

“Through my experience with Pride Projects I have found a passion that was once lost, allowing me to improve my creativeness.”

Earl, Student, School Captain.

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