Scale and diffuse

Once you have tested your redesigned space and evaluated its impact on student learning and teaching practice, you may want to share the impact of your work broadly and scale the practices that have been successful. This is an opportunity to celebrate your hard work and spread effective practice more broadly across the school. Of course, this step will draw on all elements of your work to date but links particularly closely with building teacher capacity.

Key questions

  • What are the successes of your experience and how can they be shared more broadly across the school?
  • What were the challenges of the innovation and how can they be redressed or avoided in future?
  • What elements of this work can be adopted in other spaces across the school?

Tips for scaling and diffusing

  • Share results with the parent community to strengthen the collective vision for the school.
  • Develop an action plan for scaling, including inclusion in the school plan and how responsibilities will be shared.
  • Develop an ongoing professional learning plan for your staff.
  • Share your experience with the education community. Add images of your flexible learning space to the Futures Learning learning space gallery.

For registered professional learning to guide you through the learning space design process, attend Flexible Learning Space by Design.


There is a need to move beyond the level of individual cases to deepen understanding of how to grow, scale and sustain innovative practice, (OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation 2015.)

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