Build teacher capacity

A changed space does not necessarily result in improved learning for students. For teachers to use flexible learning space effectively they need professional learning that caters to their needs and builds skills, knowledge and confidence.

Key questions

  • How can teachers be supported to implement new approaches to learning in the space?
  • What processes can be implemented to share the innovative practice of individual teachers?
  • What resources (time, money, human) are needed to support implementation?

Tips for building teacher capacity

Attend the Flexible Learning Space by Design or Flexible Learning Space by Design for Teacher Librarians registered professional learning to guide you through the learning space design process.

The following video 'New pedagogies in new space' (5 mins 30 sec) shows how Campbelltown Performing Arts High School has transformed a number of learning spaces across the school to more effectively support the implementation of new and emerging pedagogies.

Transcript for 'New Pedagogies in New Space' video


The following factors have been found to have a positive impact on professional development and the pedagogical support experienced by teachers in flexible learning spaces:

  • Teacher mentoring programs.
  • Teacher access to information and/or examples of pedagogies.
  • The presence of school leaders as teachers in the learning environments.
  • The type and range of opportunities that teachers have to participate in discussions/feedback about the desired pedagogies with school leaders.
  • Timetabling classes to positively reinforce the potential to implement particular pedagogies (Cleveland, et al. 2016).
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