Build collective vision

In order for space redesign to be successful, it is important that all members of the community have a clear understanding of the vision. This vision should be shaped by the learning that will take place in the space. Having a succinct vision allows students to understand how the space can be used and supports teachers to articulate this to parents and the wider community.

Key questions

  • How can you engage students, teachers and community members in the process of designing the space?
  • What is the shared vision for how the space will be used?
  • How can you articulate this vision to the broader school community?

Tips for building collective vision

For registered professional learning to guide you through the learning space design process, attend Flexible Learning Space by Design or Flexible Learning Space by Design (online).

The following video 'Education Inside Out at Turramurra High School' (4 mins 53 sec) follows the journey from dream to reality and shows the possibility of transforming traditional spaces for future-focused learning.

Transcript 'Education Inside Out at Turramurra High School' video


Schools of modern learning create time for their communities to discuss and reflect on what they mean when they say “learning”, and how to best make that happen for students and adults every day. These conversations occur through small group meetings, sharing of curated information and research and more, (Richardson and Dixon 2017).

Collaboration is more than simply sharing ideas and practices or visiting/observing each other. Collaboration involves teachers committing to a common goal or focus using inquiry practices, challenging and critiquing each other respectfully, focusing on evidence-based needs and having clarity about their roles in the work/process. Building trust is going to be important if teachers are going to be able to collaborate in this way. There is a need for teams to build effective communication strategies that are inclusive and that encourage a “growth mindset” that help people explore possibilities and build relationships (Dweck 2006 in Sweeney, R. 2016).

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