Access existing examples

Schools all over the world have been exploring the redesign of learning space for a number of years. Their experiences can provide a rich source of information and ideas for schools starting the journey. Access these examples to learn from the experiences of others and harness successful ideas and processes for your own school.

Key questions

  • What examples can you access of effective learning space in schools?
  • What other organisation/s can provide inspiration and ideas?
  • How can you provide opportunities for staff and students to visit, use and experience other spaces as a source of ideas?

Tips for accessing existing examples

  • See School journeys or the Learning space gallery for examples of flexible learning space in NSW public schools.
  • Visit corporate workspaces that operate flexible working environments.
  • Identify how space is used and the connection points to your desired learning outcomes.

For registered professional learning to guide you through the learning space design process, attend Flexible Learning Space by Design, Flexible Learning Space by Design for Teacher Librarians or Flexible Learning Space by Design (Online)

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