Learning space gallery

View a range of innovative learning space and furniture.

General learning space

A large space that classrooms can open into with sliding doors. Assorted furniture such as ottomans, booth and individual tables with writable surfaces available for students.
A bright double storey library support space with a central staircase and tiered seating. Furnished with curved bench seating with wraparound bookcases, round tables and soft ottoman seating

Share to inspire other schools

If you have built an innovative learning environment, or transformed a learning area into a flexible and dynamic space, please consider sharing photographs of your school as examples of innovation to inspire other schools.

Upload your images to the Futures Learning learning space gallery google drive with the following instructions – Learning space gallery upload instructions (PDF 150.27KB). These images could be shared in our learning space gallery.

For more information contact SLEC@det.nsw.edu.au

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