Embedding feedback in project-based learning

Throughout project-based learning units, students are given time to reflect on their learning with the purpose of improving their project and depth of learning.

This can be done through student self-reflection, however, feedback is amplified when students give and receive feedback from their peers, teachers and experts and are provided time to apply changes resulting from feedback.

Critique and peer feedback

Critique is a method of giving written or oral feedback. The goal of critique is to improve upon something through identifying areas of merit as well as constructively and thoughtfully analysing the work for the purpose of evaluation and improvement. This could include peer-assessment as well as feedback from teachers or experts.

Peer feedback has been proven to improve learning by supporting students to:

  • clarify and reframe their own understanding
  • set goals
  • develop autonomy
  • engage in self-regulation of learning
  • develop social skills and increase engagement and ownership.

Students develop language and communication skills, learn the value of receiving criticism, and ultimately learn to respect the work of others.

An excellent example of peer critique can be seen in the following video – Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work.

Read the article and watch videos on the Edutopia site. 

Reflect on the following questions: 

  1. What kind of feedback did you observe in the video? How did it benefit the students’ learning?
  2. How will you use critique/feedback in project-based learning for your students?
  3. What are some challenges you think you might have with implementing critique/feedback sessions?  How can you overcome these challenges?

Access the department's ‘Strong Start Great Teaching’ website to read about giving feedback to students.

Which aspect of feedback will you and your students focus on for this PBL unit?

  • Improving teacher feedback to students
  • Improving students' ability to act on feedback
  • Improving students' ability to give feedback to each other
  • Improving students' ability to give themselves feedback

Complete the feedback action and reflection plan to help you implement and evaluate your feedback plan.

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