Text version – implementing project-based learning

When implementing project-based learning (PBL) you will engage in each of these steps. However, they may not necessarily happen in this order. For example, you may hold your 'entry event' before introducing the 'driving question'. This is a guide to help you start the PBL journey.

Step 1 – introduce the driving question (DQ), share adjust, interrogate the DQ with students.

Step 2 – hold the entry event, engage students in an interesting, motivating and provoking entry event.

Step 3 – develop the need to knows, work with students to identify what they will need to know to answer the DQ and how they might find the answers.

Step 4 – PBL time, this incorporates all activities in which students engage to answer the DQ including research, designing solutions, cycles of assessment, feedback, refinement and the culminating event.

Step 5 – debrief and reflection, students share and reflect on their learning in the context of the DQ, success criteria and rubrics.

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