Introducing the driving question

Introducing the 'driving question' (DQ) to students can set the tone for the project-based learning (PBL).

How do I introduce the driving question to my students?

Spending time with students, from as young as Kindergarten, exploring the question, unpacking each word and making sure everyone understands the question and rewording it if necessary, provides students with a sense of ownership from the very start of the PBL. If students do not understand the DQ or have a sense of the purpose of the PBL then they will struggle to engage in the learning, andto develop the 'need to knows' and develop their understanding. You may choose to introduce your DQ before the entry event or after depending on the particular project, question and event.

With older students, or students who are more familiar with PBL, it may be appropriate to present them with a skeleton DQ and collaborate with them to create a powerful question that resonates with the students.

Referring back to the DQ frequently throughout the project will contextualise activities or provide direction for students will help them to stay on track in more self-directed learning activities.

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