Future-focused research

Reading and academic research supporting future-focused learning and teaching.

The use of evidence-informed research will assist your school team to develop a collective vision for future-focused learning and teaching. The use of high quality research will also guide your school team in the effective design, implementation and evaluation of practices aimed to successfully equip your students with the skills and capabilities needed for a successful future.

Reading and academic research supporting future-focused learning and teaching
Research Summary
Innovative Learning Spaces: Catalysts/Agents for change, OR just another fad? Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) are not the cause of educational change, but an agent of change. In this chapter, Dr Wesley Imms of the University of Melbourne argues that successful ILEs rely on teachers embracing innovative pedagogies first, then using the advantages of flexible learning spaces to improve their impact.
Attribution: Imms, Wesley, The University of Melbourne 2018
ILETC technical reports

These reports identify strategies to support teachers’ transition to innovative learning spaces and what is needed to support teachers during this process.

ILETC newsletters

Keep up to date with the bi-monthly ILETC newsletters that explores how space enhances teaching practices across New Zealand and Australia.

Literature review: Learning spaces (2017) This paper was developed to support the practice of teachers who are moving from traditional classrooms to innovative learning environments in redesigned spaces in existing schools or in new schools.
School research and evaluation – current and past projects Browse current and past projects of the School Policy and Information Management (SPIM) research team within the NSW Department of Education.
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