Community consultation

A culture of collaboration will build the social resources that will enable your learning community to create change and to achieve great things together. This culture of collaboration will enable your team to develop a shared understanding of purpose, to learn together, to solve problems together and to work towards a shared vision.

When meaningful collaboration takes place and when all members of a school community create things together, momentum, engagement and innovation grows. This engagement and sense of purpose is strengthened when all stakeholders have a voice through meaningful consultation and collaboration.

The following resources can be used to support community consultation and collaboration.

NMC/CoSN 2017 Horizon Report K-12 Edition: Digital Toolkit

The NMC/CoSN 2017 Horizon Report K-12 Edition: Digital Toolkit gives you ideas and resources to use in engaging your community in thoughtful and informed discussions about what's ahead in the area of contemporary learning and teaching.

World café method

The World Café method is a strategy for engaging large groups of stakeholders in dialogue around a particular topic or issue. It is designed to facilitate dialogue between participants through structured conversations within a clearly established context for the topic or issue.

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