Collaborative teaching practice

Exploring co-teaching

Effective co-teaching involves much more than teachers educating students in the same classroom. Great co-teaching is cyclical, and involves teachers planning, teaching, debriefing and reflecting together.

This cyclical approach to co-teaching, when used by teachers that trust one another and thoughtfully plan learning and teaching activities that take full advantage of their strength as a teaching team, can have a transformative effect on student learning.

Indeed, Sharrat and Fullan (2012) argue that “the co-teaching cycle … is the most powerful way to improve teaching practice and to implement…changes. It pushes professionals to make their practices transparent and public in order to become more skilled, reflective, and thoughtful.”

To explore the evidence supporting co-teaching practice, download SLEC's 'Co-Teaching Literature Review' using the link below.

Download the coteaching literature review

SLEC's Co-Teaching Handbook

SLEC has produced a Co-Teaching Handbook for teachers exploring co-teaching for the first time! This guide introduces practical strategies for enacting the whole co-teaching cycle and tips from successful co-teachers across a range of schools. Access the link below to download this resource.

Download the Handbook

More co-teaching resources

SLEC has curated a range of resources and professional learning workshops to support teachers as they explore co-teaching - access these via the links below.

School Journeys

Virtual Reality Immersion Experiences showcasing co-teaching in action

Learning from home

Professional learning with SLEC

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