Contemporary learning and teaching

Learn about contemporary learning and teaching.

A teacher with her students reading in a round semi-enclosed area.

Contemporary learning prepares students across all curriculum areas and learning stages with skills and capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. It connects students and engages their sense of curiosity.

Contemporary teachers know and understand the needs and talents of their students. They are flexible and select from a range of effective teaching strategies.

Contemporary learning environments inspire students to be leaders of their own learning. Students collaborate and use critical and creative thinking to solve complex problems and become mindful global citizens.

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning recognises the importance of teachers drawing from a range of strategies and skills:

There is no one single effective teaching method or strategy. Teachers need to be proficient in many teaching practices and, more importantly, be able to assess their impact on students and adapt their teaching practices to assist students if they are not responding or engaged. Effective teachers are highly proficient in assessing student needs and talents, evaluating their impact, intervening using multiple methods and providing feedback to students on their learning. – (NSW Government, “Great Teaching, Inspired Learning,” p. 6)

The general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum and learning across the curriculum content in NSW syllabuses cover the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that will assist students to actively shape their future. Students develop these capabilities when they apply knowledge and skills confidently, effectively and appropriately in complex and changing circumstances, in their learning at school and in their lives outside school.

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