Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Innovative Learning Environments - school facilitation guide


This page contains resources for school leaders who will facilitate SLEC's professional learning course 'Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Innovative Learning Environments' in their schools.

They are for use in schools that are working with SLEC through the Integrated Professional Learning Model.

Using these resources, school leaders can run the course in two ways:

  • Using a flipped learning model.
  • Using an activities-only model.

In this model, teachers watch short videos in which SLEC advisors present information on aspects of collaborative teaching practice.

After watching each video, teachers work on an activity. Some are group activities and some are independent.

A facilitators guide is provided to help school leaders work through the flipped learning content.

In this model, school leaders guide teachers through activities that build an understanding of collaborative teaching practice.

School leaders can use this page to choose activities that focus on the aspects of collaborative teaching practice that are most useful in their schools.

Facilitator's Guide

Download the facilitator's guide and read it carefully before starting to use these resources with your team.

This guide provides instructions for school professional learning leaders on how to:

  • prepare to facilitate the course;
  • facilitate each session; and
  • follow up each session with optional reinforcement activities.

Download the facilitators guide

Section 1 - Introduction

This section will introduce participants to innovative learning environments and how they can enable great student learning.


Optional follow-up resources

  • As above - create new copies of the handout OR the Jamboard for students to use.

Video 1 - Case for change

Section 2 - 7 principles of learning

In this section, participants will explore the nature of innovative learning environments, and the OECD's 7 principles of learning.


Video 2 - the OECD's 7 principles of learning

Section 3 - Learning modes

In this section, participants will explore student learning across all eight learning modes in innovative learning environments.

Video 3 - Learning modes

Section 4 - teaching in innovative learning environments

In this section, participants will explore teaching strategies that enable great student learning in innovative learning environments.


Optional follow-up resources:
Video 4 - Teaching in inovative learning environments

Need more support?

If you need further support using these resources, contact the SLEC team at

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