Flexible Learning Space by Design for Teacher Librarians


Flexible school library spaces can support contemporary learning and teaching across schools, which builds the skills and capabilities students will need to thrive in a complex and dynamic future.

In this course, teacher librarians will use design thinking to create a flexible library space for their school. They will work together to design and prototype a flexible library space and explore design principles that enable contemporary learning and teaching in a library space that supports and empowers all learners across faculties and stages.

The principles of universal design will be used to ensure spaces are designed to meet the needs of all learners.

It would be useful for teacher librarians to bring along dimensions of their library space along with budgetary or other guidelines for their design.

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Time 5 hours
Delivery mode Online (facilitated)
Audience K-12 teacher librarians
Prior knowledge No prior knowledge required
Next session TBA


In this course, teacher librarians will:

  • consider the skills and capabilities young people need for success in a complex and dynamic future;
  • explore the impact of different spaces on learning;
  • design to enable different learning modes in flexible library spaces; and
  • share features of great flexible school library spaces.
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