Curriculum integration - a deep dive


This course introduces teachers and school leaders to curriculum integration in high school settings.

Participants will explore how different models of curriculum integration can enable great student learning. They will consider what an integrated curriculum might look like in their own schools at whole-school, faculty, or classroom levels.

This course is ideal for school leaders or teachers who are leading the implementation of curriculum integration in existing, refurbished, and new high schools.

Enrolment in public sessions is open to teams of school leaders, by application. Please contact SLEC at for information on how to enrol.

Key information Curriculum integration – a deep dive


1.5 hours

Delivery mode

Online (facilitated)


7-12 school leadership teams

Prior knowledge

It is advised that participants complete SLEC’s course ‘Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Innovative Learning Environments’ before enrolling in this course

Upcoming sessions

June 10 (public session, enrolment by application - contact


Participants will:

  • learn about the theoretical foundations for different types of knowledge and their implications for modern learners;
  • identify the potential benefits of curriculum integration for student learning;
  • describe various models of curriculum integration; and
  • engage with case studies from NSW high schools that use an integrated curriculum.
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