Affordances and the action possibilities of your learning space – a deep dive


This course engages teams of school leaders in narrow and deep learning about the importance of affordances and building spatial competency in teachers to enhance student learning.

Affordances are the features of the learning environment (space, objects, and people) that enable teaching and learning actions and behaviours. Noticing, understanding, and using the features of learning spaces is a powerful aspect of offering effective learning experiences to students.

Learning activities in this course are very collaborative and require teaching teams to work together. Participants will reflect closely on the use of space in their own schools. They will consider teacher mind frames and brain-based insights that drive how we interact with our environment. Teams will work together to start co-creating a plan for building spatial competency.

This course is ideal for school executives or teacher leaders who are leading the implementation of contemporary practice in existing, refurbished, or new schools. The course is standalone but complements SLEC’s course “Flexible Learning Space by Design”.

Key information Affordances and the action possibilities of your learning space - a deep dive


1.5 hours

Delivery mode

Online (facilitated)


K-12 school leadership teams

Prior knowledge

It is advised that participants complete SLEC’s course ‘Flexible Learning Space by Design’ or other PL with SLEC before enrolling in this course

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In this workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the nature of the concepts of affordances, spatial competency, constructivism, and assemblage
  • Explore stimuli on enhancing perception and use of affordances
  • Discuss how to trigger change in teacher mind frames
  • Draft an approach to enhancing the use of affordances in learning spaces
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