Taking part in FASTstream

This page contains information about how the program operates and the various phases and activities.


The FASTstream induction process is held online and includes sessions targeted to FASTstream participants, school-based mentors and principals.

This will typically run from August to November. Participants, school-based mentors and principals are expected to attend a full day induction in early Term 4. 

Host schools will induct participants into their school. 

FASTstream participants are employed under the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2020.   

Those joining the NSW Department of Education for the first time can learn more at the Induction Hub. 

FASTstream phases

Participants will progress through the 3 phases of the program, demonstrating readiness for increased leadership responsibility, in line with the SLI Development Continuum. The phases are:

  • Phase 1a: classroom teachers. Develop pedagogical and curriculum expertise
  • Phase 1b: teacher leaders. Strengthen impact and influence with additional responsibilities across the school
  • Phase 2: middle leaders. Develop leadership knowledge and deepen curriculum and pedagogical expertise
  • Phase 3: senior leaders. Develop capacity to lead school improvement, innovation and change.

Successful applicants join the program in a phase aligned to their substantive position and demonstrated educational leadership. As a guide the following will apply.

  • Phase 1a: Classroom teachers who have yet to demonstrate leadership beyond their classroom or have not achieved NESA accreditation at proficient level.  
  • Phase 1b: Teachers who are demonstrating impact and influence beyond their classroom. 
  • Phase 2: Assistant principals and head teachers.   
  • Phase 3: Deputy principals and assistant principals or head teachers who have demonstrated extensive senior leadership. 

Before progressing to a new phase, participants must demonstrate capabilities aligned with criteria to assume leadership positions within the FASTstream program.

Phase progression is an on-balance judgement that is a comprehensive, transparent, and collaborative process that recognises the leadership learning and achievements of participants.  

Download the Progression and Validation guide below for more information.

Program activities

During the program, participants will be supported and guided in their leadership development by a school-based mentor selected by the school principal. The school-based mentor will provide school-based support, advice, guide leadership experiences and direction.  A role description for school-based mentors is available in the resources section below.

FASTstream offers extensive ongoing support for participants as they progress through the program. This includes access to SLI leadership induction and development programs, as well as an annual conference for new participants and school-based mentors.

Logistical support is provided by the Delivery and Oversight team within the School Workforce directorate of the Department of Education. 

Useful resources

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