Leaving FASTstream

Leaving the FASTstream program will be managed on a case-by-case basis through discussion with the participant, their school-based mentor, host school principal, and SLI FASTstream mentor. 

Participants may take a temporary leave of absence or permanently exit the program.  

Temporary leave of absence

The program recognises that there are life events which could lead to participants requiring a temporary leave of absence from the program. This could be for reasons including parental leave, illness, caring responsibility or family commitments.

Participants will be able to pause their involvement in the program, through negotiation with their FASTstream mentor and host school principal. They must also inform the FASTstream team of any extended absence from their host school.

Participants will be entitled to re-enter the program at the same phase; however, their school placement will depend on the capacity of the school to continue to support the participant.   

Permanent exist from FASTstream

Participants will exit the program permanently after 10 years of engagement, after accepting a permanent substantive position at a school through merit selection procedures or transfer or as a result of a progress review. 

Download the progression and validation overview document below for more information about the progression process.

Participants can liaise with the FASTstream program mentor in the SLI to discuss their career options, should their circumstances, leadership aspiration or career goals change. The FASTstream mentor will be able to guide participants in the options available to them and should participants wish to exit the program, a case management approach will be taken depending on the individual circumstances. 

Upon leaving the program teachers are required to submit an exit survey. This data will support ongoing improvement of the FASTstream program’s offerings, systems and processes.   

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