Overview of FASTstream

FASTstream benefits participants, schools and the NSW education system by developing highly-skilled school leaders of the future.

Each year, up to 50 new and experienced teachers have the opportunity to join the FASTstream program, to accelerate their progress to school principalship.

Participants will complete placements as above establishment teachers in NSW public schools.

They will receive one-on-one in school coaching and mentoring, and access to evidence-informed professional development and training through the SLI, with participants being skilled, supported and equipped to lead schools within 10 years.

Each participant’s journey will be tailored to their individual development needs as they move through the 3 phases of the program. 

All participants will be required to spend at least one placement, of a minimum of two years, in a regional or rural school. This includes participants who have already worked in a regional or remote setting. Placements will consider the preferred locations of participants. A list of schools that meet the requirements for placement is available in the resources section below.

How to use this section

These pages give an overview of the FASTstream program, including the selection and placement process, how the program works, and finishing the program.

This information is relevant for potential applicants to the program, current program participants, and NSW DoE staff.

On each page is a resources section containing relevant documents with further information for applicants, participants and schools.

Message from the Director, SLI

School leadership is a complex and rewarding experience.

We know that great school leadership is crucial if we want to meet our goal of giving every NSW public school student a great education and the best possible start in life.

That’s why the FASTstream program is so important – because it identifies and supports potential future school leaders and gives them intensive, tailored support to develop their leadership and move into key roles in our schools.

It also benefits the schools taking part in the program. They receive an above-establishment teacher who has demonstrated leadership potential and can bring fresh ideas to their school community.

The school-based mentors who support each FASTstream participant also benefit from access to the SLI’s professional development opportunities and resources.

To everybody already taking part in FASTstream, welcome and enjoy your time with us.

And to anyone thinking of applying for the next intake, I encourage you to read all the information in these pages and watch our FASTstream videos to get the full picture of all the opportunities that FASTstream can provide.

Talk to us

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