Teacher Leaders

Teacher leaders are classroom teachers whose sphere of influence has expanded to impact positively on the learning of students beyond their classroom, and on colleagues within their school.

They increase the leadership capacity of our school system by improving the quality of teaching and learning practices, and by building positive cultures in schools.

Importantly, teacher leaders are the formal leaders of tomorrow in NSW public schools.

By identifying and developing future leaders we are ensuring that schools and students will continue to benefit from effective and impactful school leadership into the future.

Programs and resources

Teacher leaders are at the beginning of their leadership journey under the SLI’s Development Continuum. The SLI offers tailored support and professional development opportunities to help teacher leaders’ move into formal leadership roles and progress in their careers:

  • The School Leadership Identification Framework (SLIF) helps identify and support aspiring middle leaders (assistant principals and head teachers).
  • The FASTstream program is designed to identify and support 30 teachers and 20 teaching graduates each year to accelerate their careers as school leaders. Participants receive support, mentoring and professional development opportunities from the SLI, guiding them to become skilled educational leaders and ready for principalship within 10 years.


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Business Unit:

  • School Leadership Institute
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