The School Leadership Institute acknowledges the tremendous work that is being done by all department staff in these unique and extremely challenging times.

To support staff to navigate these challenges, the School Leadership Institute partnered with Genos International Pty Ltd to present three interactive webinars. The first two webinars are for all staff, teaching and non-teaching. The third webinar is for Principals and other leaders within the school. Each webinar was run three times to provide flexibility for staff to attend.

The videos below are the recordings of our webinars. The accompanying booklets are linked below with each video, along with the chat summaries of each webinar. We hope these documents will support you and your wellbeing throughout this time.

This webinar has been designed to help people manage the psychological effects the COVID-19 virus is having on them and others. It provides practical tools and techniques for people to implement to help boost their psychological well-being, be a positive influence within their community and generally cope with the COVID-19 environment.
This webinar unpacks tool, tips and techniques for being more productive whilst working remotely. Focus is given to practical things people can do to maximise their time whilst working from home, improve their wellbeing and minimise the challenges they may face.
The focus of this webinar is to provide leadership teams with tools and techniques for supporting their school communities whilst working remotely. In times of rapid change, leaders are uniquely placed to provide structure and clarity within the context of their schools. This session is designed to share tips to support leading during such complex times.
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